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The Best Butt Lifting Exercises

We get it... you want the to learn the best (and probably the fasted way) to lift your saggy butt and create a high, round and lifted bottom.

If you have already checked around the web, be warned about the promise of pills, supplements or creams ALONE!

There is simply NO WAY to go from flat bum to a nice, round and FIRM butt without doing the best butt exercises.


Only a total liar would suggest to you that butt enhancement pills and creams will solve the problem on their own.

Its just NOT going to happen!!!

Now, don't get me wrong ... using a great quality supplement and cream can actually work to help things along.

But nothing will make a huge difference in transforming your butt from saggy to perky the way the RIGHT exercise routine will.

And even though some of the other sites and blogs out there that do promote the correct things, like proper nutrition and exercises, will still cause some problems.

Too many will promote the wrong exercises and simply won't get you the results you want.

Or they don't expain enough about how to train correctly.

Much of it will turn out to be a complete waste of your time.

Most Common Butt Building Road Block

Lets talk about cardio.

There is still a huge misconception that you need to do a lot of cardio to firm up your butt.


The main problem with this is the current lack of muscle mass in your gluteal region - and cardio does next to nothing to build you any muscle.

So after the cardio burns away fat, you will end up with just a less saggy, but flatter bum.

No shape.

No added lift.

No fullness!

The solution is to do weight bearing execises.

The right ones in the right way.​

Now, many of the sites you will stumble accrss will direct you to do squats. Yet, that exercise can be a quad dominant movement if not done correctly.

And you can't rely on squats alone to achieve an amazing butt.

Also, it needs to be pointed out that different body types don't repsond in the same way to all exercise movements.

For some, doing heavy squats with the proper form can actually make an amazing change in their buttocks region.

While others will still fall flat.

Discover The Ultimate Butt Building Solution

The solution is to have a booty exercise routine using the right combination of glute building movements.

You need to be using a mix of targeted butt building exercises that hit the buttocks from every angle.

This is the only way to maximize the growth of your gluteus muscles.

And the growth, or the building of new muscle tissue is to only way to go from saggy to a lifted, high, round bubble butt.

There is no other path.

It is only by following this approach.

Basic Booty Building Exercises

You will first need to learn how to do the exercises correctly by using no, or very light weights when you start off.

Proper form is key.

Doing the exercises wrong can not only lead to injury - but also to lack of results.

Form is way more important than the number of repetitions or the amount of weight you are using.

So get that nailed down first.

Do not use much or any weight before you have mastered the exercise movements so that you can safely and correctly do them with increased weight.

You will need to allow your body to adjust to the movements and the muscle load to avoid too much strain.

If you are completely inexperienced with using weights, you should hire a trainer to show you how to perform the exercises correctly.​

In fact - even if YOU THINK YOU KNOW how to do them right, spring for an hour with a fitness trainer and get them to spot you and correct you while you do these. Just to be 100% sure you are holding the proper form.​

And the last thing before we get into the exercises...

Only do specific booty exercises twice per week.

Your muscles need time to repair. This is a MUST!!!

Its actually during that rest period when the muscle BUILDS - not during the workout.​

Phase 1 Booty Building:

Bodyweight Exercises


butt lifting exercises

Sumo Squats​

 butt lifting exercises


butt lifting exercises

Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

butt lifting exercises

Glute Bridge

 butt lifting exercises

Donkey Kicks

 butt lifting exercises

Side Clams

 butt lifting exercises

Phase 2 Booty Building:

Coming into phase 2 you should have a strong command and feel for how to do all the phase 1 exercises.

Your form should be spot on and your body is ready to have your booty and leg muscles challanged a little more.

  1. Deep Squats
  2. Walking Lunge
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridges
  4. Seated Band Hip Abductions
  5. Banded or Weighted Donkey Kicks

Phase 3: Advanced

In phase 3 you can begin using weighted exercises which woll be much more challenging.

This is when you will start to make much bigger and better changes to your butt.

Barbell Squat

 butt lifting exercises

Dumbbell Squat

 butt lifting exercises

Weighted Sumo Squat

 butt lifting exercises

Weighted Lunges

 butt lifting exercises

Weighted Single Leg Deadlift

 butt lifting exercises

Barbell Deadlift

 butt lifting exercises

Weighted Hip Thrusts

 butt lifting exercises

Booty Workout Details and Tips:

Sets & Repetitions:

  • On the big movements like squats, deadlifts, and lunges, you should target using enough weight to do between 8-12 repetitions.
  • Perform 3 to 4 sets for each exercise.  
  • For the weighted hip thrusts, aim for between 10-20 reps; and 3 sets for the exercise.

Booty Workout Frequency:

  • Only train your lower body/glutes 2 times per week.
  • Leave 2 to 3 days in between your glute/leg training.
  • On the in between days you can workout your upper body and do 1 or 2 days of breif, high intensity cardio.

Conclusion and the Bottom Line

Doing the right booty exercises using the proper form, correct weight range and only 2 times per week (with enough rest in between) is what truly works.

You MUST stick with it and stay consistent - week after week to get results.

Along with the exercises, try to stick with eating a cleaner diet, and go ahead and use some quality supplements if you so choose to boost your results.

Stick with your workout routine faithfully and you should start to notice that saggy butt is more lifted and fuller in just a few months.

Keep with it and a sculpted round bubble butt is in your future.