Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Review

If you crave having a rounder, more lifted and sexier bum, then you've probably taken notice of the Brazil Butt Lift workout - and I bet you are wondering if it really does work.

Well, before you give it a try, check out my review to decide if it’s worth your time and money.

Consider this to be your complete guide to the BBL workout.

I'll break down what comes in the package, details about the workouts, and will also let you in on who uses this program as well as some important info about the man who created it.

Brazil Butt Lift Workout Reviews

This is a BOOTY shaping workout... meaning it is specifically designed for shaping that focal point and the related muscles.

Thanks to famous full-bottomed celebs like JLo, Iggy Azalea, and Nicki Minaj, our popular culture is now focused on having some real back!

So what's a flat-bottomed girl to do if she can't afford implants?

Well - you'll just have to try the natural approach and workout for your booty. It's the best & healthiest way anyhow.

How BBL was Created

The Brazil Butt Lift workout was created by Leandro Carvalho, who was part of several prestigious dance companies in Brazil. While doing this, he got his University degree for phys-ed from UFMG. Leandro also created a fitness program for energy giant Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. or Petrobras, for their employees and then trained thousands of policemen and firefighters.

I've posted a short video with Leandro Carvalho demonstrating 2 simple butt lift exercises on this page here:

2 Easy Butt Lift Exercise Moves

The Model Workout

Leandro is well known for having trained the Victoria's Secret Angels to prepare them for various photo shoots and for the “Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” aired annually on tv.

He's also been featured around the world on numerous tv shows like New York’s WB11’s morning fitness segment, Fox 5, the Today show, E! and many other programs airing in Japan, Thailand, Europe and of course his native Brazil.

Carvalho has a passion for continual learning and has continued his education after coming to the USA. He's earned almost every personal-training certification one can have from the AFFA, AEA, ACE and Pilates. He also has extensive Yoga training and continues to further his fitness education every chance he gets.

While most workout programs were geared for the whole body, Carvalho’s focuses on lower body sculpting moves. The symmetrical yet curvaceous physique coveted by women the world over can only be possible if your rear end is synchronized with the rest of your body.

That may be the reason behind the success of his physical fitness program.

The Fun Workout

Personally, I have a love hate relationship with working out, but I love BBL once I get going. It's just a lot of fun. You may not believe just how many Brazil Butt Lift Workout reviewers consider Carvalho’s program a massive success because unlike so many other workouts, this one is fun to do.

This workout combines Carvalho’s signature sculpting lower body movements with aerobic activity and the Latin dancing which Brazil is famous for. I'd say it fall someplace between doing a Zumba class and a Bootcamp style workout.

Instead of dancing your ass off, you dance it up! He also has you doing squats, but using his very special technique, and other non-dance moves.

Part of making your bum look higher and rounder is making your waistline smaller. So Carvalho work on that too. He makes your bum bum bigger and your middle, smaller.... and EVERYTHING tighter!

What You Get with the Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit

With Carvalho’s Brazilian Butt Lift , or BBL for short, you can achieve a firm, high and rounded bum without the high cost or risk of surgery.

This is a dance-oriented workout that has a lot of thigh and hip swings as well as dance moves with a touch of rhythm that Brazilians seem to have a knack for. Maybe that's why so many of them have such fantastic assets! BBL customer reviews describe Brazilian Butt Lift Workout results as awesome.

Here's what you will get:

  • Package of 6 DVD workouts showing you the very best butt lifting exercises:
  1. Basics - Learn Leandro's butt-lifting moves and techniques (20 minutes)
  2. Bum Bum - Sculpt your bottom & blast fat off with lower body moves (35 minutes)
  3. High & Tight - Lift your booty up to new heights (35 minutes)
  4. Sculpt - Tighten and tone all your muscles from head to toe (50 minutes)
  5. Cardio Axe - Dance off body fat with this cardio-blast workout (30 minutes)
  6. Tummy Tuck - Work your abs to be flat & sexy (20 minutes)

Plus you get all of the following too:

  • Booty makeover guide
  • Booty measurement tracker
  • Makeover calendar to monitor your progress
  • Guide to fat burning foods & meal plan
  • Tape measure
  • Leandro Carvalho’s Triangle Training Method Workout Cards
  • Free online support
  • 60-Day money back guarantee

Benefits & Advantages of Brazil Butt Lift Workout

You get to use all your BBL kit in the comfort and privacy of your own home and at your most convenient time.

The Brazil Butt Lift system uses something call Tri-Angle training to hit the 3 critical areas in your booty. See it explained in the image below:

brazilian butt lift workout

And you don’t have to be in good shape to start working out from the BBL program. In fact, you can be a total couch potato and this will help get you into being fit.

Many women who started using BBL workout were totally out of shape but as they progressed with the program, the exercises became easier for them to do as they got into better shape in the process.

Carvalho’s concept is really very simple and because it’s made to be both enjoyable and fun, so you won’t dread doing it.

Face it, if the BBL program didn’t deliver great results, there wouldn't be so many Brazilian Butt Workout review urging you to try it. There are the hundreds of raving reviews - see a few below:

Overall Customer Reviews: 4.2 Stars out of 5

Based on 738 Amazon customer reviews, 428 gave BBL a rating of five stars out of five. The overall Amazon rating for BBL is 4.2 stars out of five.

Here are some of those reviews quoted verbatim:

From K. Gibson: “If you want something different and fun and have the bonus of a great ‘bum’ then this is the program. This program is tuff, the energy is inspiring and the direction is spot on. If you truly want to change the way you feel and look and are willing to work hard, get this program!”

From Jessica T: “BBL really does work, and I would lose the weight faster if I had a cleaner diet (as suggested in BBL's meal plan booklet).”

From Ace: “I hate Zumba, but I LOVE the BBL workout. Wow, this is amazing. This workout does not only work out your butt. It works out your thighs, abs, arms, everything! It's a fabulous cardio workout.”

The Cost Advantage

One big advantage of BBL is the low cost for all that you get with it. This package is very affordable unlike gym memberships or the cost of hiring personal trainers.

Another benefit is the program’s efficiency.

If you use it as directed, BBL can work on your butt’s three major muscle groups in such a focussed way to help you obtain optimal results in just a short period of time.

On the official site, the DVD set is $49.90 plus another $24.95 billed 30 days later. That's a total of $74.85

Click here to get a much lower price on Amazon: Brazil Butt Lift

Why walk around with a sad, saggy and flat bottom when you can pick up this proven & fun fitness formula that will get a fabulous booty. Give the Brazil Butt Workout the 60 day try and have fun while getting a spectacular workout!