3 Best Cellulite Creams for 2017

*Updated January 2017 *

To get a quick idea of the creams we like best in 2017, take a look at the comparison chart below.

For more details about why we chose these creams, scroll further down the article to learn more the critical ingredients any good cellulite cream should have, and check out the individual product reviews as well.


Active Ingredients

Luxe Spa Formula No. 33​

Revitol Cellulite Solution

Cellulite Defense Cream









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8 Ounces

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The Best Creams for Cellulite Treatment

Every single over-the-counter cellulite treatment cream will claim to be the best and most effective at eliminating cellulite.

But the real truth is that a large number of them are no better than just rubbing plain old moisturizer into your skin.

Some might actually make the surface of your skin appear smoother and firmer for the short term, but they don’t really deal with the root cause.  You need to use a cellulite cream with a formula that can actually help to melt the fatty deposits that are poking through your connective tissue and cause the cellulite formation.

To learn more about how and why cellulite forms, you can read my post here which includes details about why cellulite occurs included in my Revitol review.

Just like with most beauty products, not all cellulite creams are made equal.

If you want to know about the ones that really work, you’ll need to learn about the key ingredients.

The most potent in fighting and inhibiting the accumulation of fatty cells that cause cellulite need to be on the ingredients list, or just forget it. AND – there needs to be enough of a concentration.

Coming up I’ll break down which ingredients to look for and why they work, then I’ll share my list of the 5 best Cellulite Creams

But here are some Treatments that DO NOT work at all and are total MYTHS:

  • Rubbing citrus fruit onto cellulite riddled areas
  • Bathing in mud charged with electrolytes
  • Seaweed wraps or baths
  • Rubbing apple cider vinegar on cellulite areas

You can see a video clip about these cellulite myths on the Dr. Oz show where he also confirms the information I am sharing with you right here on this page – including what DOES work.

If you like, click here: Dr. Oz web-site and be taken to his page to see the 2 clips from his show.


Most Effective Ingredients to Look For in Cellulite Creams & Lotions

Look for at LEAST ingredients 1 & 2 on this list to determine an effective cellulite treatment cream, with 3 & 4 as bonus ingredients to enhance the cream or lotion:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Retinol
  3. Aminophylline
  4. Glaucine



It may seem weird but caffeine extracted from the everyday coffee bean is one of the most effective ingredients around to combat the appearance of cellulite.

These days, just about every anti-cellulite cream that provides you with a marked improvement in skin smoothness will likely include a good dose of caffeine in its formulation.

You see, caffeine fights cellulite lumpiness thanks to its diuretic properties.

It is also an alkaloid which helps to stimulate the degradation of the offensive fat lumping its way through your connective tissue and pushing its way to to the skin.

Caffeine will also help to increase the blood flow and flushes out excessive moisture.  Although this effect is only maintained by long-term use, it is a safe, easy and effective way to get rid of the dimpled appearance on the skin.

Due to the way it can penetrate the skin much more easily than comparable compounds, caffeine is the preferred diuretic for cosmetic products.

Based on the research published by the US National Center for Biotechnology information, the topical application of creams containing at least 3% caffeine as a part of their formulation had a marked effect in reducing cellulite.

It was also excellent in preventing excessive accumulation of fat in cells.


Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is a very important ingredient for effectively reducing cellulite.

This compound can penetrate deeply into the dermis layers to stimulate collagen production and to repair the stretched tissues of the skin. In fact, it can actually break down fat from the cells by triggering enzymes which promote releasing the fat that is stored under the skin.

So when you rub Retinol on cellulite fatty areas, the lumpy fat will dissolve.

This compound can penetrate deeply into the dermis layers to stimulate collagen production and to repair the stretched tissues of the skin.

Retinol also stimulates and improves the elasticity of the skin. This helps it to become much smoother and tighter looking on the surface. Its smoothing capabilities is why Retinol A is often used in many anti-wrinkle creams.


Aminophylline is showing up more and more in anti-cellulite creams. This compound is actually better known as an ingredient for use in asthma inhalers and other prescription drugs.

What it does is relaxes the muscles which makes it effective for people afflicted with asthma attacks caused by chest muscles becoming constricted. 

But aminophylline is also an active antioxidant which has proven to work at breaking down fat deposits collected under the skin which eventually can cause cellulite.


Glaucine is a plant alkaloid regularly used in cosmetics and beauty creams. Often derived from the yellow poppy, glaucine is generally used in a formulation for its ability to smooth and relax muscles, as well as its anti-inflammatory effects. In cellulite treatments, glaucine works to relax the tissues where applied.  

This will help to give your skin smoother and more evenly toned appearance. 


3 Best Cellulite Creams That Really Work

    1. Revitol
    2. Spa No.33 Formula
    3. Cellulite Defense GEL-CREAM

All three of the above formulas have the necessary caffeine and retinol combinations in a potent enough concentration to really work and be highly effective at reducing really bad cellulite and even getting rid of 99% of mild cases of it.

So if you see just a little bit of lumpiness starting to show, nip it in the bud now!

Start by using one of the above creams right away and prevent yourself from getting worse.

Don’t be like me and wait until your 30’s or 40’s to deal with it. Hit it in your 20’s and it won’t take as long to get back to having smooth, tight and firm looking skin again.


Important Points When Starting a Cellulite Treatment

Before you being applying any creams, keep the following in mind:

  • The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) actually doesn’t regulate cellulite creams, treatments or related cosmetic products.  So do check the product’s ingredients list to ensure they are all safe.  If you decide to use any one of the 3 I have suggested here on this page, you can be assured they are all safe.


  • If it is the first time you are using a cellulite cream, look for one that is sold with a comprehensive money-back guarantee like the three creams listed here on this page.


  • Give it enough time.  Most people won’t see big changes during the first few weeks of applying the cream. So don’t fall into despair and give up – especially if you have a moderate to bad case of cellulite.  Those deep dimples began showing up slowly and gradually by a complex physiological process. So in the same way, it will take some diligent, daily application of the cream and time to reverse the damage.


  • Packaging of the product is another important factor. The bottle, jar or tube should be easy to use, but it should also be secure enough to ensure the contents will remain sealed and kept fresh during the of weeks of use as you complete the prescribed period of application.


  • It’s also a great idea to dry brush your cellulite areas to enhance and help speed up the reduction of cellulite.  Be sure to use a high-quality, natural bristle body brush for 5 minutes before you shower.  After your shower, you can apply your anti-cellulite cream for the best results.

If you want more details for each of the creams I have listed, you can read the details on the review pages I have set up for each of them. Just click on the buttons below:

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