How to get a Bigger Butt

Best Ways to Get a Bigger Butt Naturally

grow a big butt
The dream body for so many women means having a broad bottom, thick thighs and tiny waist. And we want it fast - like NOW!

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5 quick Changes to Make your booty bigger

We all have the tendency to be in a hurry and looking out for the some quickie way to solve our issue.

It's totally normal to want to just take a pill or supplement that will instantly plump up your butt. Or even a lotion that will stimulate visible growth.

Maybe you are a little more motivated and are willing to also do a workout routine that will build mass as well as quickly lift, firm and round out your booty.

Well in fact, all of those methods can work!!!

So let me point out some of the smaller, seemingly insignificant things you can do in your daily life to help develop your assets!

These are simple liitle things which will accumulate into BIG results and build on your efforts grow that perfect big ass!

Small Changes That Will Help You Get a Bigger Booty

I'm going to share easy-to-do tips with you here.

Some of these things are bits of information that I found out actual celebs with the most bootylicious bottoms do.

Try adopting these little changes into your daily life.

It can be truly AMAZING how doing ALL of these little things can help your butt to expand in the most attractive sort of way!

1. Be very picky about what you eat.
build a big butt diet

Eating is one thing we have to do every day to sustain ourselves. This is why what you eat and how often will have the greatest impact of all. And whether it's to lose weight or gain a butt, the most effective, fastest, and most long-lasting changes we can create always starts with changing our eating habits.

If you've got the habit of eating processed food – this is going to be one of the biggest roadblocks to getting a big, shapely, round butt.

Not to mention, a tiny little waistline.

In fact, if you pay attention to those celeb ladies with the most attractive big, round rump bodies... you will notice that they have a tiny little waistlines and flat tummies.

Having a tiny, little middle will also make your booty look bigger.

But you don't get to have that eating deep fried foods, pasteries and candy bars each day.​

In fact, JLO was quoted as saying: "You got to work out, you got to watch what you eat," is what she told Us Magazine. She eats really clean and does not eat any sugar and is salt-free.

She also does not drink alcohol!

Just sayin' so you know... alcohol is full of a lot of empty calories that are of NO benefit to you.

So you need to become pickier with your eating habits and refuse to eat anything other than bum buddy foods! There are heaps of them to choose from - check them out here: Butt Building Foods.

If you have little to no bum bum because you are underweight and extremely thin, you may want to try a quality weight gain supplement like: Eatmor Weight Gainer. It helps to improve your appetite and assists your body to gain weight in the right places.

2. Take a walk at least 3 times a week.
butt building exercise

Most people - especially North Americans - simply do not walk much!

Yet, this by far is one of the easiest and effective changes you can make. It will improve your health, body, and booty.

So the next time you need to go just a short distance, leave the car at home and walk to your destination. Every little bit helps.

You will not believe how making this one simple change can work to tone your butt muscles as well as your legs in general. Plus you'll burn more calories and save some cashola on gas, too!

3. Start using the stairs.

Another super easy change to make and one of the very best exercises for building a bigger, firmer butt is just climbing up stairs.

It's such a simple, effective change to make and after awhile, you'll barely even think about it, you'll just do it. So skip the elevators and escalators anytime you have the opportunity to take the stairs.

My office was located on the sixth floor and I made it a point to walk up to it every single time.  Trust me, it was a killer the first few times. But after a few weeks it felt as natural as taking an elevator.

Sometimes I'll even put my hands on my butt while I climb to feel the muscles being worked. When I feel those muscle working, it totally stokes me and keeps me climbing those stairs!

4. Start snacking, but Smartly.

So when you need to put some extra 'meat' onto your backside, you need to be eating right, building your glute muscles and taking the right supplements.

But you can do something else to pack more butt weight.

Start smart snacking.

Stupid snacking would mean noshing on donuts or Doritos.

Smart snacking for butt building means you opt for healthy fats found in organic nut butters, cheese, avocado, coconut and raw (unsalted) nuts.

And last but not least ...

5. Start Doing a Special Butt Workout.

get a bigger butt

Sorry, but for a truly spectacular booty, you do need to work for it baby! Big'n FIRM is what's hot, not big'n mushy.

I'll point to JLO again here. She has always worked out and now at 46 years old, she couldn't have that smokin' hot looking ass by just sitting on it.

Yes, she may be predisposed to having a fuller booty as many Latina's can. But I have late 40-something Latina friends with wide, flabby saggy butts because they do not work out.

So if you are young, start now to build a better butt and keep it.

If you are older, start salvaging it!

That's why, for the best possible bottom, you need to have an arsenal of intense butt workouts that focus on your gluteal muscles from all angles.

It will not stay high and lifted without the support of muscle underneath. Check out a couple of my butt workout posts here: Brazil Butt Workout and 2 Easy Butt Lift Moves.

For the fastest and best results, you need to employ ALL of the bottom building and beautifying methods:

  • Eating right for a bigger butt
  • Exercising for a lifted & firm booty
  • Supplements to trigger hormones that help grow the bum area
  • Creams that stimulate a bigger butt

Start doing something now and you'll start to see results sooner rather than later.

Be in charge of what your rearview is going to look like - you CAN make BIG changes in just 30 days from now!

But if you decide to just sit on that ass of yours and do nothing, don't expect it to get bigger (in a better way). It will likley get wider and flatter!!!

Don't disappoint yourself. This process can be fun - especially once you start to see positive restults

Go do what you need to do now!