IsoSensuals Curve Review – is this Butt Enhancement Cream Effective?

Over the past few years, the IsoSensuals Curve brand has rapidly become the most highly favored and popular butt enhancing cream since it came onto the market.

So it was natural for us to want to scrutinize it.

A sexy and beautiful body is not quite complete without having the kind of gorgeous tush that the object of your desire would drool for.

Plus it's not a secret that achieving the best behind takes more than just doing a few booty exercises.

In fact, many butt boosting workout routines are still ineffective even after doing many weeks or even months of exercise.

Since we all like to see big results sooner rather than later, it's of no surprise that many women want to use a potent cream to try and get a bigger butt faster.

What this Review Covers

You will discover details about the formulation as well as any advantages and concerns of this so-called wonder product.

All will be scrutinized for you to make a decision about its legitimacy and efficacy. 

You will also see some before and after photos and we'll let you in on the best price and best place to buy this cream if you do decide to try it. 

What is IsoSensuals Curve Cream?

It is described as an innovative formulation made by a fast emerging company in the beauty industry.

IsoSensuals is a USA-based company that has been in the beauty business for quite some time now, and has spent years on developing its lines of sexual wellness and body treatment products.

Their aim is to give the best body any woman can ever have.  

That goal is evident in its various restoration and reshaping products, such as: a hair supplement, breast enhancement cream and even the surprisingly potent vaginal tightening cream.

Clearly, the company’s dedication to women's beauty issues is comprehensive.

Why Taking the Natural Approach is Important

IsoSensuals Curve Cream guarantees fast results without using any harmful chemicals that other brands are loaded with.

This cream is derived from all-natural ingredients to ensure safety for all consumers.

But why do you have to go back to all-natural when there are lots of seemingly effective brands in the market?

Why Certain Chemical Ingredients Should be Avoided

In a report by the US Environmental Protection Agency, a chemical that is widely present in cosmetic and body enhancement products called parabens, has been associated with increased risk of breast cancer and other hormone-related disorders due to its estrogenic effect.

So in short - parabens are dangerous!

What’s even more worrying is the fact that products with parabens have 10 times higher concentration when applied on the skin than when taken orally.

Likewise, no study as of this time has yet to confirm the safety of its long term use.

Another chemical widely used on body enhancement products is propylene glycol.

You are probably most familiar with this as many facial creams and scar removers have it as one of their primary ingredients.

Even though it is widely used in cosmetic products, the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) indicate that prolonged exposure to this chemical can lead to various kidney and liver diseases. Yikes! Avoid that if possible.

Other than the aforementioned chemicals, you can be assured that there are no petrochemical and diethanolamine in the IsoSenuals product.

The Cosmetic Safety Database by the Environmental Working Group ranks those two chemicals as potentially hazardous even through skin contact.

Yet these nasty ingredients are commonly seen on labels of skin care products, shampoos, and lotions.

With prolonged usage, they induce the production of a cancer-causing substance called nitrosodeathanolamine. Eeeek!

After reading the past few paragraphs, you should have an understanding of why your health and safety depends on avoiding products with toxic chemicals and why sticking with an all natural cream like this one is so important.

How to Get the Best Results with this Cream

Consistency is really key when it comes to using a product like this one.

You need to use it twice a day, every day until you achieve the maximum growth in 6 months.  

All that is needed it a dime sized drop that is massaged in really well using a circular motion.  

Once you have used it for the 6 months, you are done because the results are permanent!

To get the absolute greatest benefit, you should use the cream while also taking a supplement designed to stimulate growth in the buttocks area (such as Major Curves)  and perform special toning butt exercises for the best shape. 

How Long do the Results Last?

According to the manufacturer, the results are permanent because they are not based on swelling.

The change is due to new cell growth which was stimulated by the cream.

However, if you stop using the cream and then go on a diet to lose weight, it is possible that your bottom will shrink.

If you are on a mission to lose body fat from areas other than your bum, you should use the cream in conjunction with butt growing supplements, proper diet and exercise.

This will allow other areas of your body to get smaller while your booty maintains or grows.

Pros of IsoSensuals Curve Cream

1. An All Natural Formula

Many people are learning the importance of choosing beauty products made from all natural ingredients.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers of using chemical-laden beauty creams and lotions.

Why risk your health if you can get all the benefits and then some from a proven safe and toxic-free butt enhancement cream?

When you support this product, you are not just supporting your own health, but also the environment for one less pollutant.

You can now enjoy the effects of a potent product without the consequences of long-term use.

2. Manufactured in the USA

Why should made in the USA make this product more appealing?

It starts with the manufacturing process and their facilities.

The United States government implements the strictest policy in production as part of the consumer act. Various agencies ensure that the highest standards in manufacturing are constantly followed.

As a product of the United States of America, you are also assured that every bottle has a seal of approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Unlike many globally marketed brands, IsoSensuals have guaranteed that their products pass all the highest standards any butt enhancement cream can ever have.

3. Made with an Innovative Ingredient

They created Voluplus™.  It's a revolutionary active ingredient derived from natural sources to ensure optimum potency without the side effects.

It works at the molecular level to actually increase the number of adipose cells in your buttocks.

By retaining these new fat cells, you gain a rounder surface and have greater firmness. It ensures that the skin on the area is consistently tightened and lifted for the shape that every woman desires.

After just a few weeks, you will see fuller, rounder, and tighter buttocks even without exercising.

And because the fat cells in that area are not eliminated during workouts, you can continue losing other body fats without losing the gains from your butt.

As of this writing, the company is waiting for a pending patent application for this revolutionary ingredient.

4. 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You know that marketing tactics are so convincing most of the time that even the inefficient ones seem effective in presentation.

To ensure every customer that IsoSensuals only provide the most effective products, it is offering you a product return/money-back guarantee within 60 days if you feel that the promised benefits don’t show up.

Just send an email and they will process your return request immediately. Now that is real confidence in the company’s own product.

5. Clinically proven

This product has been put through and proven effective in clinical testing. It's good to know that no animals were involved in the testing procedure.

The human trial was with a group of volunteers ranging from 18-35 years old.

Some were given a placebo and their results were compared to those who used the actual cream.

After just 28 days, 80% of the volunteers in the trial showed an increase in size ranging from 4% to 18%.

Although they like to boast a 90% customer approval rate, it is almost more reassuring to trust the positive results of the clinical trial.

6. Hormone-free

Many other butt enhancement creams and pills contain synthetic hormones for faster booty plumping. However, those can also cause general weight gain for most people, something that will never happen with this product.

Cons of IsoSensuals Curve Cream

1. Higher priced than some other options

Each 6oz bottle is priced at around $49.95. Even though that isn’t exactly what some would call expensive, there are other butt enhancement creams in the market today that are sold for just $35 to $20 or even less.

Keep in mind that those cheaper ones should be called in to question in terms of their efficacy - but the fact remains that the prices are lower.

2. Long-term but slower effect

It can take 2 or more months to see a decent growth result while some other competitor's products promise really fast changes.

Some say there is a visible difference in just a matter of days or even minutes.

Those products work like breast enhancement creams where the skin is tightened for a firmer appearance. And since the quickie results do not last, you do have to apply them everyday. 

3. Relatively new to the market when compared with other brands

Although IsoSensuals is not brand new to the beauty business, some other manufacturers of similar products have been around quite a bit longer. Experience does count, but with a revolutionary active ingredient like what IsoSensuals had developed, it's probably just a matter of time before their brand becomes a household name.

Best Place to Buy IsoSensuals Curve?

You cannot find this cream sold in stores!

But I can tell you that this product is available on both as well as on the IsoSenuals web-site.

It's the same price on both sites, except that buying on Amazon gets you Free shipping - so you save the $5.95 fee charged on the IsoSenuals site.

Plus you get some added purchase protection due to Amazon's customer satisfaction policy and secure processing of credit cards.

You can also read all the real testimonials left by verified purchases made by Amazon customers.  It bears mentioning that there are no coupons or discounts offered at this time - only the savings in shipping by purchasing using Amazon.

Before and After Using IsoSensuals Butt Cream

Here are just 3 of the many testimonials which were found on the IsoSensuals web-site.

Are they real?

What gives more confidence are the reviews left by verified buyers, but it is interesting to see what kind of changes to expect. 

Bottom Line

Based on the highly positive average of 4.4 stars out of 5 rating, and also more than 5,200 reviews posted on Amazon and the 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee...

... this product IS worthy of trying.

Ready to try it? Check the price on Amazon: IsoSensuals CURVE Butt Enhancement Cream