Major Curves Butt Enhancement Reviews

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Butt Enlargement Pills

If you are looking for effective booty pills that will fill out your butt, make it fuller and BIGGER, you might have realized how confusing it is to find one that really works. So picking the right product might be more difficult than you first thought.

So picking the right product might be more difficult than you first thought.

There are so many to choose from!

I was actually surprised at how many supplements of this kind are out there when I began looking for them. What I found was that Major Curves Butt Enhancement pills are very popular and have been a top choice for quite some time.

But I also found a number of mixed reviews about this product.

So I’ll share what I found out and break it down for you to take a look at:

  1. How this booty pill formula works
  2. How long it takes to boost your bottom
  3. What’s in it
  4. The Pro’s & Con’s
  5. Possible Side Effects
  6. and of course – DOES IT WORK?

How this Pill Works

Major Curves is a natural supplement for women looking to make their bottoms bigger, fuller, and rounder. The formula is designed to stimulate and direct your body to store more fat in your butt area instead of other places.

Based on the information provided by the manufacturer,  you can expect to see the first results from taking these pills within 2-3 months of consistent usage.  You are directed to take 1 pill in the morning and another at night.

So 2 pills per day, every day for at least 60 days – without fail!

To get the maximum, best possible results, you’ll have to keep taking them for as long as 6 months.

A big question in my mind, and I’m sure in yours too, was: “How long do the results last once I STOP taking them?”

Well, the manufacturer of Major Curves makes the claim that all gains to your butt area will be permanent and your booty will not shrink even if you stop taking these pills.  This is because the supplement is stimulating increase fat cell growth in the bum area. So the increase in size and fullness is not due to some temporary swelling – it’s actual growth of new cells.


What Ingredients are in the Formula?

Saw Palmetto – This plant is quite well-known for its ability to balance hormone levels and for this reason it is a beneficial ingredient for increasing tissues in the booty.

Fennel Seed – This ingredient contains high amounts of plant-based estrogens which is why it effectively promotes buttock growth.

Fenugreek Seed – This component is rich in phytoestrogens and due to this it helps in the development of mammary glands and enhances butt size.

L-Tyrosine – This is an amino acid that plays an important role in the production of hormones. It has been proven through clinical studies help build muscle and reduce belly fat.

Kelp – This is part of the algae family and if very nutrient rich. This ingredient is included to help reduce belly fat and to achieve a skinny waistline while gaining a major booty.

Dong Quai – This is another herb with hormone regulating properties and also stimulates the increase of buttock tissue.

Wild Mexican Yam  – Often described as the “Women’s herb” due its ability to balance estrogen and female hormones.  In addition to aiding fullness in the buttocks it helps achieve the desired hourglass shape.  As a bonus, it can also reduce menstrual cramps or symptoms of menopause.

Blessed Thistle. This herb is traditionally used in tonic drinks and other oral preparations to enhance appetite and digestion.

By taking two pills daily you will get 1036 mg serving, which is almost two times higher than other similar products offer


The Overall Pros and Cons


  • Visible butt growth in as little as 3 weeks of taking the capsules
  • 100% natural and safe ingredients
  • No known side effects reported by any users of this product
  • Does not cause weight gain in other areas of the body
  • Stronger than other butt growth supplements
  • Results are permanent due to new cell formation in the bottom
  • Many, many, highly positive reviews
  • Made in the USA
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • One bottle lasts only one month – so you’ll need 6 bottles to get max results
  • Double the price per month than other, similar butt enlargement pills
  • No guarantee that this will work the same for everyone taking it
  • Many of the negative reviewers claim it didn’t work at all after 1 month of taking it
  • Does not really change the shape of your booty – just makes it bigger


Are there any Side Effects?

Major Curves is considered a completely safe herbal supplement.

But since there are quite a number of herbs included in the formula which are meant to regulate hormones, it is possible that some women might actually experience a slight gain in their breast size too. Now unless you are already bigger in the breast area than you would like to be, many women view this as more of advantage rather than a side effect.

What did Verified User Reviews Say?

If you will spend time searching for Major Curve’s consumer reviews you will find mostly positive testimonials. Even so, it is important to point out that it is not a supplement that would work for all women. Around 11% of reviewers reported it only worked slightly or not at all.

Around 11% of reviewers reported it only worked slightly or not at all.

However, 88% of users who tried this butt growth product did actually report noticing a significant improvement in size and fullness of their butt.

So it can be said that it works with a fairly high success rate.


Final Recommendation

There’s enough evidence and feedback to support that Major Curves makes a product that does work well for most ladies who have tried it. Check out Major Curves on Amazon

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