Review of the Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 Anti-Cellulite Cream

Does this Smoothing Cream Deliver Results?

This product was previously exclusive and only supplied to dermatologists and physician based medical spas.

It is now available for purchase, direct from the manufacturer on Amazon.

It reduces cellulite by tightening your skin and firming.

But it also works to improve and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and even some scars.

This lovely lotion is made from all natural and organic ingredients so it is completely safe and less likely to react with sensitive skin.

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What’s in the All Natural Formula?

Made with pure organic carrier oils, naturally sourced Caffeine and highly-concentrated Retinol derivatives.

This proprietary blend of very pure and only therapeutic grade ingredients includes 10 different organic essential oils and vitamin oils, only a natural emollient and organic fragrance, plus they are antimicrobial.

NO alcohol based or artificial ingredients. Free from harmful and irritating parabens, petrolatum and phthalate.

Why Caffeine and Retinol Ingredients are so Key

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The two most important ingredients in any effective cellulite cream are the Caffeine and the Retinol.

I would never buy a cellulite cream that doesn’t have those two ingredients.

You see, it’s the combination of those two things which really attacks the fat trapped under skin and also works to rejuvenate the connective tissue – this is what is causing those lumps.

Caffeine fights to get rid of cellulite using its diuretic properties.

It is also an alkaloid that stimulates the destruction of fat deposited under the skin.

It also helps to improve circulation and firms the skin by flushing out excessive moisture. And because it can penetrate the skin much more easily than comparable compounds, caffeine is the preferred ingredient demonstrating these fat flushing properties.

Retinol will do its part by working at improving the texture of your skin for a smoother and firmer upper layer.

Underneath the skin it works to rejuvenate the cells and connective tissue.

It is the Retinol which will help to bring back the elasticity of the skin’s connective tissues to prevent them form allowing the fat to poke through.

How to Best Use This Cellulite Formula

The recommendation is to follow an 8 week regimen of twice a day applications. apply it once in the morning after your shower and again later on in the day or evening.

For best results use a dry brush, a loofah or exfoliation mitts/gloves each day before or even while you are bathing to increase blood circulation and to enhance absorption.

Apply it to the skin and vigorously by massaging it in using an upward motion. Don’t swirl it in!

Make sure you are using long, firm strokes starting from one end and work in the direction towards your heart.

What Women Love about Luxe Spa Formula No.33

  • Fast results. Most users indicated that they see a visible difference after using it for about 2- 3 weeks when applied on a twice daily basis.
  • Lot’s of “bang for your buck” because all you need is a quarter size amount and you can easily spread that all over your butt and upper legs. Use one more quarter-size amount and apply to your stomach as well.
  • It can be used to improve the appearance of lumpy and dimpled skin on the stomach, legs, arms and even tighten your neck skin.
  • Most women say they love how it smells too. An unpleasant odor is often a complaint of many other anti-cellulite products – but not with this one.
  • The feel of it is luxurious and magnificent. Many other lotions are often too thick or thin and can leave your skin with a greasy feel. But not Spa Formula No. 33. This cream has a perfect consistency and leaves your skin with a refreshed smooth feel.
  • Made in the USA using organic ingredients, so you are supporting the American economy and workforce.
  • Not ever tested on animals, so you can feel good about using a cruelty free product.

All indications point to this as a superb anti-cellulite cream.

There are many rave reviews and the ingredients list indicate that this formula has the potent ingredients required to reduce cellulite and firm the skin.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Starting to use a Cellulite Cream

Make sure you exfoliate daily and apply the cream 2 x per day.

If you are inconsistent with your application, it is likely that you may not see any changes for several weeks of use.

But don’t despair.

Cellulite comes on gradually over a long period of time and it will take some time to reverse the damage.

The product packaging is also important.

The bottle or tube should be easy to use yet secure enough to seal shut and keep the contents fresh over the number of weeks necessary to complete the period of application.

Do not buy a product that does not list all the ingredients or is made outside of North America or Europe.

Many of the cheaper products arw made in places with little to no regulations are completely ineffective and a waste of your time.

Now, if you are on a really tight budget, and you are a coffee drinker - you might want to try making and using a home-made cellulite scrub and cream. Read more about that in our post: ​Homemade Cellulite Cream and Body Scrub

Best Place to Buy this Cellulite Cream?

I like buying products on Amazon because they care about customer satisfaction and will shut down any third party sellers that receive a lot of complaints.

Most reputable companies have plenty of good feedback and will list the ingredients and where the product has been made.

To buy Luxe Spa Formula No.33 you can click on the button at the bottom of this post be taken directly to the product page on Amazon.

There you can see all the 5 star reviews as well as some before and after photos.

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